Frequently Asked Questions


Product Questions: All-In-One Basket

My old basket used to sink, this one floats. Why?

A basket cannot change the flow rate of the pump, so how does it improve performance of the skimmer?

Why Does The "All-In-One" basket separate in 2 pieces?

Can the "All-In-One" basket be used for an above-ground pool?

Does the "All-In-One" basket fit all pools?

How long will it take to arrive?

Product Questions: Other 3 Models

How does Skim-A-Round keep the surface of my pool cleaner?

How will Skim-A-Round protect my pump from burning out, if my pool loses water?

Can I use Skim-A-Round in my above ground pool?

What size pump do I need to use Skim-A-Round?

Will Skim-A-Round work with any pool vacuum?

How do I install Skim-A-Round?

How much does Skim-A-Round weigh?

Does it matter if I have an odd shaped pool or a waterfall?

What is the difference between the "Ultimate" and the "As Vac Attachment" models?

A basket cannot change the flow rate of the pump so how can the All-In-One increase the skimmer's performance?

Does the Skim-A-Round work with 'Polaris' brand vacuums?

How long will it take to arrive?

Shipping & Returns

Where is my Skim-A-Round?

Is there a warranty?

Trial Period