• 30-Day Clarifier Pill

30-Day Clarifier Pill

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Save Time, Save Money

We'll make sure that your Clarifier Pill arrives just in time! Just drop it in your skimmer basket each month, and your pool will always keep that POLISHED look.
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We're excited to introduce the "Clarifier Pill"!

Drop this pill into your skimmer basket and improve the clarity of your water. This biodegradable cube will dissolve within 24 hours while your pump is running. No mess, hassle, or measuring. It will start "polishing" the water immediately and continue for 30 days.

It will "coagulate" the very fine particles and group them together in the water so your filter can remove particle sizes that would normally pass right through. Eliminating these very fine particles will give a shine to your pool water that you've never seen!