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What is the difference between the "Ultimate" and the "As Vac Attachment" models?

The "As Vac Attachment" model is designed solely to be attached to an existing suction-powered vacuum (vacuum sold separately).  This model comes with the "tee" connection & ball valve that are necessary for installation. This installation method does not require any additional vacuum hoses because it is connected directly in-line with your suction-powered vacuum.


The "Ultimate" model includes all of the same parts from the "As Vac Attachment" model.  However, it also includes additional hose sections (8 ft) and additional connectors which will give you the capability of plugging the Skim-A-Round directly into a suction line, separate from the vacuum. 


*In short, the biggest difference between these 2 models is that the "As Vac Attachment" model is only designed to work as an attachment to your vacuum; While the "Ultimate" model will give you the option to use it not only as an attachment to your vacuum but also as a stand-alone skimmer.


Does the Skim-A-Round work with 'Polaris' brand vacuums?

Skim-A-Round can be attached to any brand of "suction-powered" pool vacuum.  Most 'Polaris' brand vacuums are "pressure-powered". 'Polaris' brand cleaners are not plugged into suction sources and therefore would not attach to the Skim-A-Round.  If you own a 'Polaris' brand vacuum, you would still be able to use our "Original" model as a stand-alone skimmer. This model would run simultaneously, yet separately from your 'Polaris' since the Skim-A-Round "Original" model would plug directly into any suction line in the pool.


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