• Maintenance Kit

Maintenance Kit


This kit includes 4 unique items, designed to make Pool Care EASY!  It will take the stress out of maintaining your own pool. 

What's Included?

1. 30-Day Clarifier: When your Maintenance Kit arrives, drop the 30-day clarifier pill into the skimmer basket.  This clarifier pill will increase the size of the very fine particles in your pool water that would normally pass through the filter openings.  The increased size allows your filter to trap these fine particles, giving your pool that “POLISHED” look.


2. 4 Test Strips: Once per week, dip one of the included test strips into the water, and log the results into your "POOL PROFILE". You’ll  know if your pool water is properly balanced in under 2 minutes, right from your phone or computer!  Your "POOL PROFILE" will produce customized recommendations for your water if anything is unbalanced.

pool service kit


3. 4 Skimmer Socks:  Attach one of the socks to your skimmer basket. Whenever your skimmer basket is full of debris, simply remove & discard the sock and attach a new one. No need to dump the debris in your yard!


4. High-Velocity Hose Nozzle: This nozzle produces a powerful pressure jet stream, great for blasting dirt and debris from your pool filter, without causing damage.