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Customer Feedback

I'm a pool guy and I can tell you from my daily rounds....these are great! ALSO......Just letting everyone know.... That top ring is adjustable to fit desired pool skimmer water level. I highly recommend this skimmer! 🤘
Dirk Hartman
on Skim-A-Round's Public Post
Had mine for a couple of weeks and love it! Noticed a difference immediately. Very happy with this product and highly recommended
Jeremy Pereira
on Skim-A-Round's Public Post
This thing really works! Fantastic job guys!
Dustin Mattox
on Skim-A-Round's Public Post
This skimmer is awesome ❗ finally something that does exactly what they say it will do. No gimmicks, totally impressed with the operation. 👍👍
Bradford Lake
on Skim-A-Round's Public Post
Bought one for a new pool. It was every bit as good as advertised. You could see the difference the moment you dropped it in.
Bryan Sansom Sr.
on Skim-A-Round's Public Post
I have this and LOVE it. It works fantastic and sucks everything into the basket.
Andrea Haas Nurse
on Skim-A-Round's Public Post
I ordered mine about 3 weeks ago it's been in my pool for probably two weeks now. My pool looks so clean it's unbelievable. It literally sucks things into the skimmer from 15 feet away
Chris Davis
on Skim-A-Round's Public Post
Just got mine, easy to set up. It’s like a swirling vortex of death for any debris that dares float on my pool!
Troy E McGrew
on Skim-A-Round's Public Post
Great product! I love mine! My pool guy, says, alot of the pools he cares 4 have them!!
Rachel Laos Larez
on Skim-A-Round's Public Post
I just bought one, installed in seconds, and couldn’t believe my eyes, as everything literally flowed into the basket, RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES! The improvement was instantaneous and that noticeable....
Joe Morales
on Skim-A-Round's Public Post