This course will be broken up into four chapters, designed to give you an expert levelunderstanding of how a swimming pool operates and how to maintain it.

Chapter 1. We will start by giving a brief introduction of each of the 7 chemicals that are needed to maintain the swimming pool.

Chapter 2. Our second chapter will walk you through the 6 KEY WATER TESTS that need to be passed on a weekly basis and the proper method of adding the 7 chemicals to the pool, to correct any failed tests.

Chapter 3. We will then spend some time going over the pool equipment itself, including the Pump, Filter, Heater, Valves etc. and showing you how the water flows through all of these components and how to utilize the valves to divert water to each of these components.

Chapter 4. Lastly, we will use our new-found knowledge to develop a 15-minute, weekly routine that you can use to maintain your pool, without the need for professional pool service.


You also have access to the "POOL PROFILE" software. This software will save details about your pool on your first visit. It will convert your test results into a printable prescription for your pool.

All of these segments will be available for you in both video and written form. The written text is searchable so you can quickly come back to this guide at anytime in the future and find the exact information you need to keep your pool up and running. You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to all of this content.

The EXTRA CREDIT Chapter is loaded with tons of additional content. We constantly add content to the Extra Credit chapter based on your feedback and requests.


Owning this course is like having a pool guy in your pocket!