How We Started

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Frank Norberto (Sr, Jr, III)

Skim-A-Round started as a single product in February, 2015. Two pool industry veterans and a recent engineering graduate (Frank Norberto Sr, Jr, III) set out to re-design the pool skimmer.  The enormous support we received on social media allowed us to quickly launch more products. We now manufacture a complete line of pool care products along with our patented surface cleaners and offer them directly to you. - No Middle Man, No Retail Markups. Thanks to YOU, Skim-A-Round has become a brand with over 500,000 loyal customers. We are constantly working on new, innovative ways to make pool maintenance easier & pool ownership an awesome experience.



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We are so grateful for every customer we've gained since the launch of our first product and we know many of you now count on the Skim-A-Round Brand product line to make pool ownership an enjoyable experience. Create your free pool profile and use the water analysis software to make pool care even easier.