• Skim-A-Round | Original

Skim-A-Round | Original

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Product Description

Keep your pool crystal clear with our "Original" model. This stand-alone, floating pool skimmer plugs directly into any suction line, or into the bottom hole of an existing wall skimmer.  It will extend 8 feet from the wall and begin cleaning the pool surface from both sides. The unique engineering & design of the Skim-A-Round causes a drastic increase in surface water velocity, which allows it to pull debris in from a greater distance, compared to a standard "in-wall" skimmer.

In addition, Skim-A-Round  "Original" will oscillate very slowly throughout the day, slowly swaying, due to the movement of the water. Unlike a fixed wall skimmer, Skim-A-Round will continue to work as the water level fluctuates, keeping your pool clean, and protecting your pool pump. All of the debris is collected in a full size debris basket. Setup takes less than 5 minutes - Just Plug It In & Watch It Work!


  • Plugs into existing wall skimmer or wall port
  • Unique engineering increases water velocity
  • Innovative 285 cubic inch debris basket 
  • Slowly oscillates across pool surface
  • Compatible with In-Ground & Above Ground pools
  • Continues to work with fluctuating water levels
  • Eliminates bugs, leaves, grass, dust, etc.
  • ~2-3X more velocity, compared to in-wall skimmer



- Floating Skimmer (1)

- 4 Foot Hose (2)

- Hose Connector (1)

- Air Tight Connection (1)

- Full Size Basket (1)

- Debris Trap (1)