The "Become-A-PRO" Kit is an easy 3-Piece system, designed to make pool care easy!  It will make sure your pool water is balance & polished, while never have to dump skimmer basket debris into your yard.


STEP 1. Each month, when your Become-A-PRO Kit arrives, we recommend treating your pool with the 30-Day clarifier tabs. This will keep your pool water "polished" and assist your filter with removing fine particles throughout the month.


STEP 2. Once per week, dip a test strip into the water and log the results to your Become-A-PRO profile at Login with the account you created at checkout.



STEP 3. With the clarifier pills resting on the bottom of the basket, install the filter sock over the pills to ensure it does not mix with the debris. When your skimmer basket is full, remove the skimmer sock from the basket and discard. Attach a new skimmer sock as shown.