• 2020 "All-In-One" (VIP Release)

2020 "All-In-One" (VIP Release)


*The "All-In-One" model is currently ONLY available for IN-GROUND pools.

The Skim-A-Round "All-In-One" is our latest model & it is designed to TRANSFORM your existing wall skimmer. It will utilize the same physics principals as the other Skim-A-Round models, but it will do this within your existing skimmer housing. The unique shape causes the surface water near your wall skimmer to move faster, increasing the "Pulling Distance" of your wall skimmer.

This model does not travel across the pool, but it will drastically improve the performance of your existing skimmer & significantly reduce the amount of debris in your pool.

4 NEW Features for 2020 🎉

Adjustable Inner Diameter

  • The NEW "Accelerator Disc" will snap into place and provide Even MORE Velocity. 

Clarifier Pill

  • Drop this pill into your skimmer basket and improve the clarity of your water. It will "coagulate" the very fine particles and group them together in the water so your filter can remove particle sizes that would normally pass right through. Eliminating these very fine particles will give a shine to your pool water that you've never seen! 

Filter Socks

  • Skim-A-Round comes with a standard full size basket which eliminates leaves  grass, bugs etc. Attach the skimmer sock, and now the basket will eliminate pollen, sand and other unwanted fine debris, so they don't go through to your filter system.   

Lifetime Warranty

  • The LAST basket you'll ever buy! The 2020 version now includes a Lifetime Warranty.

Keep the SURFACE & the FLOOR of your pool cleaner by pulling in debris faster!


How Big Is The "All-In-One"?

The average skimmer basket is approx. 220 cubic inches. The "All-In-One" basket is 331 cubic inches.



Never purchase another basket or weir/flap again!

*Please keep in mind that this model does NOT travel around the pool & it does not attach to a floor vacuum.  It is designed to bring many of the benefits of our other Skim-A-Round models to your EXISTING wall skimmer. Using the same physics principals, the "All-In-One" will TRANSFORM your existing wall skimmer into a Skim-A-Round.