• Box-A-Brushes


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Brush Away!

A brush for EVERY Situation in ONE Box.

Eliminate algae and prevent staining ANYWHERE!  
This Box Includes Our Top 3 Brushes:
  • 360 Brush
  • 10" Brush
  • 18" Metal-Back Brush


This box includes the "S-A-R 360 BRUSH", which will make pool care much easier!  This innovative brush design features 360 degrees of algae-fighting bristles. With this brush, you won't have to worry about the rough plastic edges found on normal brushes. You can scrub corners, steps & even turn it sideways and clean under the pool coping!

Safe for In-ground & Above Ground Pools!


skim-a-round pool brush 360 brush
skim-a-round pool brush 360 brush