• Select-A-Net



1 Net, for EVERY Occasion 

Just 'Snap-On' your desired mesh size and go!

The "Select-A-Net" includes a durable skimmer frame, and 2 interchangeable mesh sizes that snap into place. 


2 'Interchangeable' mesh sizes included:

  • Polishing Mesh: When your water is crystal clear, but you've still got those very fine particles glistening in the sun, this is a simple solution. It was specifically designed to eliminate particles that are smaller than the openings of most pool screen enclosures, giving the water a "polished" look. 
  • Heavy-Duty Mesh: Eliminate large floating debris with ease. Large Leaves, Bugs, Even Sunken Pool Toys!


Designed for Pool Pros; Made for Pool Owners! 

The average pool pro cleans about 100 pools every week; and he/she needs a net that will last.  This is one of those nets!

  • The mesh can be easily replaced when worn, no need to replace the entire frame
  • The casing is made of a UV resistant PVC
  • Designed to withstand thousands of pool cleanings

How It Works: