• Skim-A-Round | As Vac Attachment

Skim-A-Round | As Vac Attachment

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Sometimes, a stationary pool skimmer just isn't enough...

Product Description

This model is designed to be attached to any existing suction-powered floor vacuum. Once Skim-A-Round is attached, it will MOVE around the pool, simultaneously cleaning the pool surface.  All of the surface debris is collected in a full size debris basket, so none of the surface debris goes to your pool filter.

The unique engineering & design of the Skim-A-Round causes a drastic increase in surface water velocity. This design, coupled with the constant movement of the "Vac Attachment" model, allows it to eliminate significantly more surface debris, compared to a standard "in-wall" skimmer.


  • Attaches to any automatic suction vacuum
  • Skim & Vacuum simultaneously 
  • Unique engineering increases water velocity
  • Follows the vacuum across the entire pool
  • Innovative 285 cubic inch debris basket
  • Eliminates bugs, leaves, grass, dust, etc.
  • ~2-3X more velocity, compared to in-wall skimmer


- Floating Skimmer (1)

- Vacuum Hook-Up Kit (1)

- Full Size Debris Basket (1)

- Debris Trap (1)

Floor Vacuum Not Included