4 NEW¬†Features for 2020¬†ūüéČ

Adjustable Inside Diameter! 

  • Increase velocity even MORE! Just "snap" the accelerator disc into place & see the difference¬†immediately.¬†

Clarifier Pill INCLUDED

  • Drop the "Clarifier Pill" into the¬†basket. The unique formula will cause the very small¬†particles that would¬†normally pass through your filter to "stick" together, increasing their overall size. Your filter will then be able to eliminate these very fine particles.

Filter Socks INCLUDED

  • Attach the filter socks, and eliminate very fine¬†particles from the water! Even pollen & dust!¬†

Lifetime Warranty

  • The LAST basket you'll ever buy! The 2020 version now includes a Lifetime Warranty.