• Skim-A-Round | Ultimate

Skim-A-Round | Ultimate

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Product Description

Our "Ultimate" package is a combination of the "Original" and the "Vac Attachment" models.  With the Ultimate package, you won't have to decide whether you want to use Skim-A-Round as a stand-alone skimmer, or as a vacuum attachment, because it comes with everything you need to alternate between these 2 applications.  This combo will ensure that the surface of your pool is always crystal clear, even when your floor vacuum is not in the pool.

  • When attached directly to the wall - Skim-A-Round will slowly oscillate on it's own hose sections.  The unique engineering & design will significantly increase surface water velocity & eliminate any floating debris. Debris is captured inside the 285 cubic inch basket.
  • When attached to a vacuum - Skim-A-Round will not require any hose sections. It goes directly in-line and is towed across the entire pool eliminating floating debris. Everywhere your vacuum goes along the floor, Skim-A-Round will follow along the surface.


  • Includes "in-line" valve connection, for vacuum attachment
  • Includes "standard" connection, for direct wall attachment
  • Innovative 285 cubic inch debris basket
  • Unique engineering increases water velocity
  • Eliminates bugs, leaves, grass, dust, etc.
  • ~2-3X more velocity, compared to "in-wall" skimmer



- Floating Skimmer (1)

- "In-Line" Valve (1) - for attaching to a vacuum

- 4 Foot Hose (2) - for direct wall hook-up

- Standard Connector (1) - for direct wall hook-up

- Air-Tight Connection (1)

- Full Size Basket (1)

- Debris Trap (1)

Floor Vacuum Not Included